It Pays To Blog And Network

I read H.J.Tanners post this morning and some of the list of her ten benefits really inspired me! First of all, it hadn’t occurred to me there were positive benefits from this. Oh sure, we try to think positive thoughts, but actions? Well, one of her benefits surprised me. I do know some people go on a cruise or a trip, but I thought they probably had family take them. I like her idea of getting together with other single women and doing something fun, (I have a few widowed friends and best friends), and doing something. A cruise together could be fun. A train ride could be fun. Just getting together and doing something could be fun. If anyone judges me, then they don’t know just how truly hard it’s been and the deep abyss of depression I am struggling to get out of. I especially like the benefit about changing my look, my home, etc. to something different that I would enjoy. Well, that gave me incentive to seriously consider moving from my wonderful home in the mountains that I can’t really live in, especially in the winter, because I can’t run it on my own (first picture below)—to my home in town that we bought and remodeled purposely in case we couldn’t live up there. (Second and third pictures below). I could rent out our mountain home instead! That way, I would still have the house he built, and wouldn’t be making any more work for myself than I am going to have to do anyway, and put my effort into fixing up my 100+ year old home to make it cute, cozy, and fun! I could even use an area to sell my Magnetic Jewelry. I know they say not to make any major decisions at least for a year, but I’m not selling, I’m just moving the rental to the house on the mountain instead of the one in town. The house in town is to be vacant by April anyway. The last two pictures are of what it looks like before I do anything to it. I think I’ll also start designing my ideas for it on the computer too. I am so excited! Thank you, H.J.Tanner!

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Losing a spouse is so different than losing another family member. Don’t get me wrong, they are all hard. But with a spouse there is always a constant daily reminder of them. Every meal time, television time, card playing time, morning prayer time. No more anniversaries, grocery shopping together. Meals--how do I cook for just one? I posted this and more on my Facebook page and all my friends and family members that are also widows/widowers responded with their personal perspectives of what they too have been going through. This gave me the idea of starting a blog for all who have lost a spouse to be able to share their experiences and perspectives, what is working for them, and just someone to talk to who truly understands the roller coaster ride they are on. So here we are.

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